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Recur 2019 Schedule

Monday, October 21, 2019

8:00 am

Registration Opens / Exhibit Hall Opens

Walk the Exhibit Hall and meet industry partners before sessions begin.

9:10 am

The Keys to Subscription Success in Today’s Complex Landscape

Navigating the complex and ever-changing landscape that is subscription is no small feat. Join Chris Accardo, Head of Marketing at OceanX and Ben Smith, COO of Athletic Greens as they discuss and share insights into building recurring revenue success.

Presented By:

Chris Accardo Head of Marketing at OceanX

Ben Smith COO at Athletic Greens

9:30 am

Why Rent When You Can Subscribe?

Launched in 2017, Fernish brings subscription to the focal point of your home. Today's consumers change their apartment, location, and lifestyle with regular consistency, so why shouldn't their furniture, too? Its aim is to create a flexible and inspired home experience for an increasingly mobile society and Fernish has already learned a lot throughout their journey so far. Join Fernish Co-Founder Lucas Dickey as he shares how their working to expand the consumers mindset and build a business that is saving the planet, too.

Presented By:

Lucas Dickey Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Fernish

9:55 am

Keynote: Hint Water; Being in Touch with Your Customer

When everyone told her if couldn't be done, Kara Goldin didn't believe then.  Join the Hint Water CEO as she shares her journey in building a beverage brand that has largely focused its attention to online sales.  Hear how Hint's unique relationship with its customers has helped propel them to a national brand with a loyal customer base and continued sales growth.  This is a session you won't want to miss!

Presented By:

Kara Goldin Founder and CEO at Hint Water

10:30 am

Networking Break

Maximize your time by exploring the Exhibit Hall and networking with fellow attendees!

11:00 am

Opening Ceremony

The SUBTA Co-Founders share their welcoming remarks and an overview of all that there is to experience at Recur 2019.

Presented By:

Paul Chambers President & Co-Founder at SUBTA

Christopher George Co-Founder & Chairman at SUBTA

John Haji Co-Founder at SUBTA

11:30 am

Clothing Rental: Forging the New Membership Economy

In 2011, CaaStle launched Gwynnie Bee and helped start a clothing rental revolution that continues today. In addition to their existing owned and operated business, the team that started the revolution has expanded upon it with CaaStle’s B2B technology platform which powers the new economy for apparel. CaaStle used their clothing-as-a-service (CaaS) model to provide proof that the technology-driven subscription rental model could work in the retail space. Learn first-hand from CaaStle's SVP of Corporate Development, John Donoghue, how the landscape continues to evolve and just how important customer relationships are to drive a successful subscription model.

Presented By:

John Donoghue SVP, Corporate Development at CaaStle

11:55 am

Retaining Your Customer: How Your Payments Data Can Help

The subscription business is based on a long-term customer relationship. Leveraging your Payments processes and data can help you in improving your customer experience, reducing your customer churn, increasing your revenue and reducing your bad debt. In a subscription business, Payments is no longer a commodity where you find a new partner or negotiate with the current one to reduce costs associated with accepting payments.

Presented By:

Prasanta Chakraborty General Manager -Payments at Sling TV

12:15 pm

Lunch Break / Networking

Break for lunch and networking in the Exhibit Hall. Food will be provided.

1:00 pm

Hosted Buyer Program / Networking Break

Open to those that have applied and been accepted to this program. (Fountainview Room, 3rd Floor)

Not a Hosted Buyer participant?
Take this time to keep exploring the Exhibit Hall and building your network!

2:00 pm

LTV vs. CRV – WTF Does that Actually Mean?

Paul Jarrett, CEO of Bulu will unpack the differences between lifetime value and customer relationship value and how to determine which of these metrics matter most to you. Paul will provide examples of how building a good product and putting the right people and processes behind Subscription Box programs led to building positive customer experiences and longterm relationships.

Presented By:

Paul Jarrett CEO l Co-Founder at Bulu

2:20 pm

From Startup to Acquisition – How Brand Ambassadors Fueled Growth for Pura Vida

As one of the first companies on Instagram to coin the term “brand ambassador”, Pura Vida has led the charge in the influencer economy. And their growth certainly has not gone unnoticed with a recent investment from and partnership with Vera Bradley to fuel it further. Join VanessaSkaggs, Marketing Manager from Pura Vida for a fireside chat led by Refersion’s Erica Roth as they dive deep in to what has made them successful and helped them become a true leader in their category.

Presented By:

Vanessa Skaggs Marketing Manager at Pura Vida Bracelets

Erica Roth Business Development Manager at Refersion

2:40 pm

Growth Without PPC? Yes, It’s Possible.

Join the subscription box leaders from Cigar Cliub and Daily High Club Jeff Zeiders and Harrison Baum, as they discuss how they have grown their businesses with no PPC or Facebook advertising.

Presented By:

Jeff Zeiders Co-founder and CEO at Cigar Club

Harrison Baum CEO at Daily High Club

3:00 pm

Hosted Buyer Program / Networking Break

Open to those that have applied and been accepted to this program. (Fountainview Room, 3rd Floor)

Not a Hosted Buyer participant?
Take this time to keep exploring the Exhibit Hall and building your network!

3:30 pm

The Future of B2C SaaS

How can you build a strong B2C SaaS business with a B2B mindset? Jason Raznick, CEO of Benzinga, has done it and he will share his tips, tricks, and insights in this fast-paced session. Learn how Jason has taken Benzinga from an unknown in the cannabis community to a leader and how diversifying their subscription model has made a big difference in the growth and future of their company.

Presented By:

Jason Raznick Co-Founder and Chief Zinger at Benzinga

4:00 pm

10 Years In: Building a Thriving Subscription Business in the Relationship Economy

Join two veteran subscription industry CEOs as they discuss key challenges and lessons learned from growing (and supporting) subscription businesses over the last 10 years. Dan Burkhart, CEO of subscription management platform. Recurly will lead a fireside chat with Justyn Howard, CEO of social media management platform Sprout Social. The two will share their perspectives around building a thriving subscription business, ranging from pricing strategy to churn management to how to build relationships with your most loyal subscribers across touchpoints, including via social channels.

Presented By:

Dan Burkhart CEO and Co-Founder at Recurly

Justyn Howard CEO and Founder at Sprout Social

4:30 pm

Fighting Churn With Data

Join Dr. Carl Gold, Zuora's Chief Data Scientist, to learn how to use your data as a weapon in the fight against churn, the bane of all subscription businesses. When used correctly, data can help companies understand what causes users to churn, what's predictive of churn, and what can be done to reduce it. Dr. Gold will clear many misconceptions around data and discuss the pitfalls involved in performing data analysis and communicating the results. He'll share case studies and insights gleaned from his work on dozens of predictive churn analyses at Zuora.

Presented By:

Carl Gold Chief Data Scientist at Zuora

5:30 pm

Exhibit Hall Closes

Start touring the Exhibit Hall again tomorrow at 8:30 am.

5:30 pm

Closing Remarks

We'll reshare Evening Reception details and what to expect for the last day of the conference.

8:00 pm

Evening Reception

This event is open to all attendees! Keep the conversations going during a fun, entertaining and networking-filled evening! The Evening Reception will be hosted in the Fountain View room (3rd floor).

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